Agency Services

The company's aims is to provide maritime and port services to owners/charterers and cargo shippers/receivers in the Port of Constantza to the satisfaction of both principals and consignees.

In order to provide the most efficient and cost competitive services we have in place a team of dedicated professionals who are well versed in handling all types of marine/river vessels & crafts. Some of the specific services which Agrex Shipping & Trading Ltd. can provide are as follows:

24 hour round the clock services 7 days a week.
Attendance and assistance with transits of the Danube-Black Sea and Sulina Canal;
Prompt Berthing; completion of Customs, Immigration, Port Health formalities etc
Assistance to master and crew.
Crew Repatriation; their pick-up/drop, custom & immigration clearance etc.
Supply of manpower.
Delivery of fresh water at approach channel, anchorage area by barge and through water outlets at wharves.
Supply of provisions and stores.
Arranging repairs through reputable marine workshops.
Custom clearance of spare parts/accessories dispatched from abroad and their delivery on board.
Supply bunkers and lubricants.
To arrange adequate medical facilities for officers & crew members.
Complete sailing formalities in time and sail vessel immediately on completion.
Daily Reports of operations for all vessels attended.

Agrex Shipping & Trading Ltd. enjoys a good reputation and harmonious working relations with the port authorities, shipping departments and other government agencies and is thus well placed to assist in solving administrative and marine related problems in relation to your ships. If you would like to enquire regarding our Ship Agency services, please feel free to contact us anytime.


- Shipping Lines,
- Cargo Owners,
- Operators,
- International Marketers.
Needing further info Please do not hesitate to e-mail
Or fax to: (+40) 241 616883



For account of some of its customers, we are acting as purchasing agents, but mostly we are a Shipper for Grains, for which we have developed a service for grain acquisitions.


Our strong relations over the years with important local farmers enabled us to conclude ambitious export contracts for grains and oil seeds such as: Wheat, Corn, Barley, Rape and Sunflower seeds, Soya beans, Soyabeanmeal and Sunflowermeal, Etc.

As an importer, we managed to supply large quantities of feed grains to our customers’ live-stocks, thanks to our large capital needed to sustain long periods for payment.

Port Operators/Stevedoring

Our storage and stevedoring facilities corroborate with long term contracts with other bulk cereals specialized stevedores, helps us to offer competitive tariffs for direct/indirect transshipment.
Company's operations consist mainly in:

- Loading / unloading river and seagoing vessels, especially grain carriers with agricultural commodities in bulk;
- Storage cereals in warehouses ;
- Loading / unloading sugar and grains in bags, bagging and re-bagging;
Expedition and re-expedition of commodities to domestic and foreign beneficiaries through barges, railcars and trucks.

Special services:

- Grain fumigation into silos, railcars, barges, river and seagoing vessels, using tablets (PH3) / liquid (Actellic 50EC) for agricultural commodities in bulk. Our experienced specialists can perform gas fumigation according with infestation level with easy disposal of eventual residues by using “sleeves”, disinfection by spraying, coloring and also effective fumigation at all levels of storage hold by using the re-circulation system, all operations being certificated internationally.

- Draft measurements, sealing and unsealing holds, bunker survey and on/off hire survey for all type of vessels.

- Tally and cargo reports, completed with pictures and quality/quantity reports basis each railcar, barge, vessel or parcels of cargo.

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